Yusupov Palace
It is often said that the Yusupov family could have easily been at the throne of Russia rather than the Romanoff family.  In fact, their family wealth was actually greater than that of the Czars.   The Yusupov palace is home of Duke Yusupov and his family.  It is most famous as the assassination place of Rasputin.  He was the family doctor and had an enormous amount of influence over the family.  This caused concern among many other powerful people, which lead to his murder.  

During your visit in the Yusupov palace, I will point out the family theatre, which is the gem of the palace.  It has over 200 seats and is equally luxurious as the imperial Mariinki Theatre.  

Yusupov palace is located on the Moika Embankment, which is famous for its colorful bridges.  It is an important place to visit if you can find a few extra moments during your stay in St. Petersburg.  After visiting the palace the Moika Embankment is a beautiful place to have a walk and enjoy the architecture.