St. Petersburg is a great place to visit in the Winter
It is true that it can be cold and the amount of daylight very short depending on the month, but many people don’t consider the adventure of seeing what St. Petersburg in the winter.  So often I have requests from people asking me to show them what everyday life is like in St. Petersburg and how real Russians live their lives.  My first recommendation is to come in the winter!  Those with a sense of adventure truly enjoy their winter visits and enjoy sharing with others about their experiences.

As a native of St. Petersburg (it was still Leningrad when I was a girl), I am accustomed about how to enjoy life even in the low temperatures and I’m happy to share this with you.  The key is to bundle up in layers and not to spend so much time outside.   This is no problem with a private driver to take us from site to site.  

The added bonus is that the museums have far less people and the rates are reduced to the museums.  You can imagine being in a museum in the height of the summer heat with no air conditioning and droves of people.  Alternatively in the winter you can be dressed warmly, with your first few layers taken off and safely in the cloak room, while you enjoy taking your time enjoying the sites because you aren’t being pushed by the crowds.  These details further lead me to believe that winter is an ideal time to visit St. Petersburg.  

In the winter airlines and hotels offer tremendous deals in order to attract winter traffic.  All in all, winter is a great time to visit this wonderful place full of culture, history and art!  I look forward to seeing you this winter!