Van Gogh - ALIVE
Van Gogh Alive has arrived in St. Petersburg.  It is a truly unique and different way of exploring the artist’s work.  The multi-media mobile museum will be in St. Petersburg through the end of September 2014.  If you will be here before the end of September it is highly recommended to have a visit.  Van Gogh’s works are projected on multiple different screens and scroll through his pieces.  In addition to this, images from letters he has written and from his diary are projected onto the screen giving a deep look inside this complicated man.  Historical facts about his life are also displayed for those who want to know more about his life.  Stories such as him cutting off a part of his ear only touch the surface to describe the complexity of his tortured soul.

A visit to the Van Gogh Alive traveling museum will fit well with a visit to the Hermitage, Summer Gardens and/or the Church on Spilled Blood as they are all in the same general region.  For those that are not interested greatly in traditional museums this is a fantastic option for something a little more off the beaten path.