Ferry Schedule for St. Peterline - Moby Ferry
This is the ferry Schedule for the 2017 season for the Moby St. Peter Line ferry company.  Please note that this schedule can change from year to year.  In the winter of 2016-2017 the St. Peter Line was purchased by an Italian company called Moby.  In previous years 2 ships travelled to St. Petersburg from Helsinki, but in 2017 only one ship named the “Anastasia” travels between the two cities as the other ship has been sent to the Mediterranean to sail there.  The ship visiting St. Petersburg (Anastasia) will also different cities and it has become a little confusing as to which city the ship will be in on what days and for how long you can come ashore using the ferry company’s visa free option.  With this in mind I have put together this article so it’s a little easier to understand.

First you should know that you have a few options for a visa free stay, but they are on very specific days and for different periods of time. 

These options are as follows for the 2017 Season
1.  Thursday afternoon from 2pm until Sunday at 2pm – (max stay for visa fee is 72 hours)
2.  Thursday morning at 9am until departure on Friday evening (2 days, 1 night)
3.  Sunday morning at 9am to Sunday evening (1 day an no nights)

On Thursday you may disembark from the Anastasia not earlier than 2pm and must return by Sunday by 2pm.  The reason for this restricted time frame is that the visa free program is only valid for 72 hours.  If you stay outside this time frame you are outstaying the terms of your visa!!!

The below information is the route of the Anastasia ferry ship owned by St. Peterline/Moby.

Wednesday Evening – Thursday Morning = Helsinki to St. Petersburg
Thursday Evening – Friday Morning = Stay in St. Petersburg Port
Friday Evening – Saturday Morning = St. Petersburg – Helsiniki
Saturday Evening – Sunday Morning – Helsinki to St. Petersburg
Sunday Evening – Monday Morning (Afternoon)-  St. Petersburg.  Here there will be a brief stop in Helsinki and you will then continue onto Tallinn for an afternoon arrival.

Dates that don’t apply to St. Petersburg
Monday Evening – Tuesday Morning – Tallinn to Stockholm
Tuesday Evening – Wednesday Morning – Stockholm to Helsinki

I hope you find this information helpful and I hope to see you in St. Petersburg!