As a young girl I remember St. Isaac's as a museum because churches were not permitted by the government of the time.  It's exciting for me to see the changes that have occurred to this wonderful city and be able to share them with you as your St. Petersburg tour guide.  

The original St. Isaac's was built in the early 1700's and looked very different from its current version.  The construction was wooden and was officially called St. Isaac the Dalmatian.  This original church was completed on Peter the Greats birthday and was also the church where he was married to Catherine in 1712.  

St. Isaac's is situated on the famous St. Isaac's Square where there is an impressive collection of St. Petersburg landmarks.

The world famous five star Astoria Hotel is located on the square.  Another landmark is the Myatv House, which is the oldest building in the square and at one time belonged to the author Alexander Pushkin. There is a triangular building called the Lovanov-Rostovsky house, which Czar Nicholas I purchased for the purpose as a war ministry building. There is also a iconic statue commemorating Nicholas I.

Similar to most Orthodox Churches, St. Isaac's has 5 domes.  Forty separate types of stone were used in the construction.  Much of it was so heavy that it needed to be shipped into St. Petersburg via water as land transportation would have been impossible.    The walls are 5 meters thick and covered with marble. There are over 200 paintings and murals in St. Isaac's.  All of these things combine to make in a fascinating and beautiful Church.