There are 150 fountains on the grounds of Peterhof.  Each gets its water from a natural source, which is located 22km from the palace grounds.  The piping system occupies 54km and much of it is the system planned by Peter the Great.  All of these fountains generate their power naturally, from downhill momentum, and there are no pumps on any of the fountains. As a St. Petersburg tour guide my favorite part of the grounds are the four cascades and the fountain of Sampson. This fountain is dramatically positioned directly in from of the palace.

This picture depicts Palace Church which is at one of the ends of Peterhof.  The palace was redesigned for Tsarina Elizabeth who was the daughter of Peter the Great.  She employed the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli between 1731 & 1763 to refurbish the palace in a luxurious Baroque Style.

Children can have a great time playing in the trick fountains on the lower grounds of Peterhof.  Be sure to bring and umbrella or a swimming costume if you dare to try and get through the trick fountains without getting wet. 

The interior of of the palace is quite impressive with gold leaf decoration throughout.  Peterhof Palace was impressively reconstructed after it was completely destroyed during the Great Liberation War (WWII).