Pavlovsk Palace and Park
Pavlovsk Palace is the most recent palace built by the Romanoff Dynasty.  The park covers approximately 1,500 acres of the St. Petersburg countryside. It is full of white birch trees.  This makes it a beautiful place to spend an afternoon in St. Petersburg.  

The design of the palace is classical and is interesting, as it was the home palace of Czar Paul I and his large family.  Paul I had 10 children, two of whom later became Czars themselves.  The first is Alexander the 1st who was then replaced by his brother Nicholas the 1st.  It is thought that Alexander I did not die, but rather escaped to Siberia under the name Feodor Kuzmitch, but there is no evidence to prove this theory.  As Alexander left no children to take over the thrown his brother became Czar.  

Many St. Petersburg palaces were deigned to impress diplomats and other important figures. This palace was not built for show, but rather for its functionality.  Nevertheless, it is quite large and impressive.  For example, inside the palace there is a unique tea set presented by Loi 16th and Marie Antoinette. It is also interesting to note that Paul I was a member of the Maltese Knights.  

The grounds of Pavlovsk is impressive to say the least.  It is an attraction to guests to St. Petersburg and residence alike.  On the first day of spring there is a giant festival that marks the change of season.  People come to watch the festivals, go for walks, sledding and carriage rides.  Pavlovsk is one of my favorite places in St. Petersburg.