Naval History Museum 
The Naval Museum is the former stock exchange of St. Petersburg.  It overlooks the Neva River and is situated directly between the Hermitage and Peter and Paul Fortress.  The influence for the design is Greek and was constructed in the early 1800’s.  In the center of the building is a sculpture of the Greek God Neptune, who riding a chariot drawn by sea horses.  The picture above nicely shows this impressive statue.

Inside the museum are many fascinating pieces, including the boat that Peter the Great used to learn to sail. There is a vast collection of ship models from all over the word and from many eras.  It also includes naval items from the Soviet Era, including missiles, bombs and flags.  One of these missiles actually takes on two stories!  My favorite part of excursions in this museum is pointing out the different hand carved faces, which were taken from the front of ships after they were decommissioned.  

The naval museum is an important part of your visit to St. Petersburg for anybody that has a passion for the sea or has a naval background.  The Greek architecture is also very interesting, as is the museums history as the stock exchange.  There is even talk that the museum will be moved to another location and the exchange once again reopened.  The descriptions are not in the English language, so be sure to request me as your St. Petersburg tour guide if you’d like to visit this museum.