Touring St. Petersburg with Disability Concerns
  From time to time potential guests come to me with different levels of mobility and wonder how it will affect their tour of St. Petersburg.  Some are not able to walk for long distances while others need the assistance of a wheelchair.  I’m happy to assist people in these situations and have written this article to give you an idea of what you can expect here in St. Petersburg. 
It’s first important to mention that I need to know about any mobility concerns prior to arrival.  This is because some museums don’t have a lift (elevator) at all, while other museums only offer a lift when you buy a specific ticket.  You can imagine the disappointment if we have booked a museum entry but cannot enter as I did not arrange for a ticket that includes the use of a lift.
For some, a lift is not an important detail, but walking on uneven surfaces is a real challenge.  This is important because in some places, like the fortress, there are a lot of cobblestones. 
In summary, I’m happy to work with any mobility concerns you may have or refer you to a different company if you have need for more services than I’m able to provide.  For example, I don’t have access to a van that has a lift attached to it, but do know of a company that provides this service.
The most important is to know in advance so that we can plan together in advance!