Menshikov Palace
Menshikov Palace is home to Prince Menshikov, who was the first governor of St. Petersburg.  He was also a close friend and advisor to Peter the Great.  The palace was often used as a place for the entertainment of Peter the Great and wealthy citizens.  Prince Menshikov had an enormous amount of power as the governor and close friend to the Czar.  When Peter the Great died, Menshikov was quite concerned that he would lose his power.  As a result, he played a significant role in ensuring that Catherine the I would take the throne of Russia, so that he could keep his influential position.

The Palace itself is beautiful and is done in a Baroque style.  The influence is heavily Dutch.  One of the most beautiful rooms in the Palace is the Walnut Room.  This was one of the favorite rooms of Peter the I and Prince Menshikov and it is often the meeting place when entertaining guests in the palace.