Kunstkammer in St. Petersburg
Kunstkammer is currently known as the museum of Anthropology and Ethnography.  It has also had the name Chamber of Peculiarities, Chamber of Curiosities and the Chamber of Monsters.  This is because since it first opened it has contained deformations of anatomy such as double headed animals and babies with birth defects.  They are kept in Alcohol to preserve them.  Many of the citizens of St. Petersburg were afraid to go to the museum, so Peter the Great enticed them by offering free wine and alcohol when they entered the museum.  This of course greatly increased the popularity of the museum.  To this day it is still possible to visit this museum and I am happy to provide excursions there as your private St. Petersburg tour guide.

Peter the Great purchased the initial collection from the Dutch Anatomist Frederick Ruysch.  He was so impressed with the collection after seeing it in the Netherlands that he decided to purchase the entire collection and bring it to St. Petersburg.  It is actually the first museum ever to exist in Russia.  If you find museums such that are real “eye poppers", then a stop at the Kunstkammer museum is a must during your tour in St. Petersburg.