Jewish Sites of Interest in St. Petersburg
When you hire me as your tour guide in St. Petersburg, I can provide you with a map of dozens of Jewish places of interest.  In addition, I can take you to or point out these sites during a driving tour of the city.  There are many Jewish pray houses including the ones on Vesnesenky Prospect and Truda Prospect.

There are several homes of Jewish teachers of the bible and the Hebrew language.  They were brave to teach to youngsters when the Communist government did not permit religion.  If discovered, they could have been put to death or sent to the Siberian work camps.  Some of these homes are located on Maly Prospect and Pestel Street.  As your tour guide in St. Petersburg, I’m happy to bring you past these homes and offer additional information about them.

Two very important places to visit are the Jewish Community Center on Bolshaya Raznochinnaya and the Cemetery on Alexandorovsky Fermy.  The library in St. Petersburg has one of the largest collections of Jewish Medieval literature in the world.