Hermitage Collection of Impressionists Moved

April 2015

The Hermitage has moved their collection of masterpieces by Impressionists to the General Staff Building.  The new location is not far from their original home in the Hermitage, however, it does require a separate ticket to be ordered in advance.  Historically it was not difficult to obtain tickets to the General Staff Building on short notice, but I suspect that now that it houses the Impressionists collection, it will greatly change the dynamic of that museum.  As a result, tickets should be ordered in advance.  Fortunately, with my relationship with the Hermitage I am able to “bundle” these tickets so that you can visit both the original Hermitage museum as well as the General Staff Building.  

As of April 2015, many of the pieces had already been moved and I expect in no short time all of the pieces will be in their new home.  The improvements and renovations made to the General Staff Building are sure to impress and I look forward to sharing this wonderful building and the Impressionists collection with you!