The Hermitage
The Hermitage contains over 3 million pieces of art!  It is said that if you looked at each piece for only 1 minute it would take years to finish. As your St. Petersburg tour guide, I will show you the highlights of the museum based upon your interest and the amount of time we have. The Winter Palace in the picture above is the largest of the buildings that make up the Hermitage.  It is decorated in an 18th century Baroque style and was the winter residence of the Romanoff Dynasty.  The first to live here was Catherine the Great and the last was Tsar Nicholas the II.

While visiting the Hermitage, I suggest visiting one of the two Golden Rooms located there.  These rooms house the jewelry of the Royal Family and gifts from foreign diplomats and heads of state.  In addition to these jewels you will find works from some of the greatest European Schools and the largest collection of Impressionist art in the world.  

Behind the Hermitage is Palace Square. From this vantage point I will be able to show you some of the highlights of city including the Admiralty Building, St. Isaac's Cathedral, and Alexander Column.  As a young girl I remember being involved in parades on this square during the Soviet era.  Now I have an opportunity to share my experiences while guiding you in St. Petersburg.  So much has changed in such a short amount of time!