Extended Stays in St. Petersburg
As a tour guide in St. Petersburg, these are some of my suggestions if have special areas of interest or if your stay is five days or more.  Don't hesitate to make special requests and I'll make suggestions for your tour in St. Petersburg!

Yusupov Palace - This family was even more wealthy than the Romanoff royal family.  They could easily have been on the throne instead.  Their home theatre has 200 seats.

Menshikov Palace  - Peter the Greats friend was the governor of St. Petersburg.  His home is located on the Neva River and can be a highlight of a St. Petersburg tour.

Jewish Faith in St. Petersburg  - When you hire me as your tour guide in St. Petersburg, I can provide you with a map of dozens of Jewish places of interest.

Naval History Museum  - During tours in the museum you can see a full size Soviet missile and the boat that Peter the Great used to learn to sail.  It is also the former Stock Exchange of St. Petersburg.

Kunstkammer In St. Petersburg -  If natural oddities are interesting to you, a visit to Kunstkammer is a must!  It is the first museum in St. Petersburg and was originally opened by Peter the Great.  To entice visitors to visit the museum he offered free vodka and wine at the door!