Exchange Rate for the 2015 Season in Your Favor

March 2015

The exchange rate change of the ruble to other foreign currency means that there are great savings to be made by booking your excursion in the 2015 season!  In 2014 the rate of the ruble to USD was about 30 to 1 during the summer.  Now the rate as of early March 2015 is about double that or 60 to 1!  Sure, it is true that many items simple cost more rubles, but certainly not double the amount of last year.  Many more items still cost the same amount of rubles.  

This situation does not help many Russian nationals, but certainly does help tourists who come using Euros or US dollars and exchange them for Rubles.  For example, entry to most museums has either stayed the same on only gone up in price by approximately about 10%.  Since the value of the USD to ruble is about double it means you pay about ½ for entry to a museum compared to 2014.

Now is the time to book your 2015 excursions in St. Petersburg with the exchange rates greatly in your favor!