Erarta Contemporary Art
Erarta Museum has been such a huge success with my guests over the past few years that I’ve made it part of my  Best of St. Petersburg  & 
Cruise Passenger Special excursions .  In fact, Trip Advisor has awarded it a site of excellence!  Erarta is a contemporary art museum housing approximately 2300 works by approximately 170 artists from all over Russia.  If it is of interest to you, they also have a gallery section where it is possible to buy pieces of art, or you can just enjoy the museum area that is five stories tall.  There is a lift, so it is comfortable for those with walking difficulties or those whom are tired after a long day of exploring beautiful St. Petersburg!

If you arrive to St. Petersburg in the new terminal of Pulkovo Airport (completed December 2013), you will have your first taste of the pieces of art housed at Erarta.  These pieces are from the “I Believe in Angels” serious and depict beautiful women with airplane wings.   You can see some of these images located on  Erarta’s website .  

Erarta is known for their innovating thinking and believes everybody is an artist.  A good example is demonstrated in the unique events they hold.  One day each year they remove many of the pieces housed in the museum and replace it with blank canvases.  They provide brushes and paint and invite people who have subscribed to create their own masterpieces.  

The art isn’t restricted to only paintings, but many other forms as well.  In Erarta you find sculptures, musical performances, video performances, and there is always a surprise or two to be expected.  It is truly one of my new favorite locations in St. Petersburg and not to be missed!