The Church on Spilled Blood or the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood is a 20th century Church constructed in traditional 17th medieval architecture.  It earned its name because it was the place where the most liberal Romanoff Czar ever to live was murdered.  In honor of him the people of Russia and his succeeding son build this magnificent church.  

Construction was very slow and took almost 25 years to complete.  Its construction consists of nine onion domes and is eighty-one meters tall at it tallest point.

On multiple occasions it was almost demolished.  At one point it was even a storage facility for a local theatre.  Thankfully it has survived many trials and now people can enjoy its beauty, which includes construction made of Italian limestone, rhondite, jasper and semi-precious stones.

When acting as a tour guide in the Church on Spilled Blood, I'm always sure to recommend that people look directly up to the top of the onion domes in addition to enjoying the artwork and admiring the Icons.  There is something majestic about this Church and I strongly recommend a visit.