Best of St. Petersburg Tour with Anya as your Personal Tour Guide
Below you will find a template itinerary to give you an idea of what museums you can visit in St. Petersburg Russia.  The itinerary is just a reference, because as an experienced tour guide I always custom tailor each itinerary to best match the details of your visit.  Regardless if you're just starting to plan or making final arrangements, I can help!  I can assist with as many or as few details as you'd like.   Some people prefer to visit most of the city by themselves and have me guide them only for the museums where it is really important to have a guide.  Others prefer to have me assist with all the details of their excursion such as transfers, hotel recommendations/reservations, restaurant reservations, assistance to coordinate visa support and visa processing, and so on. 

Please enjoy the itinerary below and then fill out the submission form for additional information.  I'll review the submission and send you an itinerary that includes as many details as possible based on the information you are able to provide.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

I'm a licensed guide, so we'll be able to skip the long lines with VIP entry
Day 1
Your  private driver  will meet you at the airport or train station and deliver you to a hotel or apartment in downtown St. Petersburg .  The hotels and apartments I arrange for are on or close to Nevsky Prospect.  You'll have some time to freshen up and then I will pick you at your hotel or apartment to begin your excursion in St. Petersburg.  From your accommodations we'll enjoy a walking excursion of Nevsky Prospect, which is the main street in the city. At the end of the Nevsky Prospect we will arrive at Palace Square. Palace Square is home to the Alexander Column, which is an enormous vertical granite column.  It is held in place only by gravity!  Next, we'll enter  The Hermitage  and Winter Palace.  If you'd like we can even have a VIP tour to the Golden Rooms in the Hermitage, which are home to the Romanoff crown jewels and gifts from foreign diplomats.   After visiting the Hermitage I will walk with you back to your accommodations and drop you off there, or offer dinner suggestions for your group.

Day 2 
On day two, the driver and I will meet you at your hotel or apartment.  From there we'll travel to two of the outskirts of the St. Petersburg area.  Your first stop will be at  Catherine's Palace  which is the lavishly decorated summer palace of several members of the Romanoff family.  From Catherine's Palace we'll drive to  Pavlovsk .  The grounds of Pavlovsk cover over 1500 acres and are filled with white birch trees.  From Pavlovsk we'll drive to the downtown where I will take you to a  canal boat excursion  stand that will be close to your hotel or apartment.  You'll have an opportunity to enjoy a one-hour canal boat tour.  After completing the canal tour, you can independently walk back to your accommodations or enjoy the St. Petersburg night life.

Day 3
Day three will start by traveling to  Peterhof  grounds and palace via hydrofoil speedboat.  Children and adults love Peterhof, because there is something for everybody.  For the grown-ups there is the beautiful architecture, statues and fountains.  For the kids there are the trick fountains.  We will leave Peterhof via the hydrofoil and return to the downtown.  Next, we will continue by traveling across the Neva river with a visit to the

Peter & Paul Fortress and Peter and Paul Cathedral .  One of my favorite places on the fortress grounds is the beach, where you can watch the fountains and admire the facade of the Winter Palace from across the Neva River.  After visiting Peter & Paul Fortress & Cathedral we will walk to the  Nikolaevsky Palace and Theatre  where Russian folk show performances are offered.  Alternatively, it is possible to visit a ballet. 

Day 4
Day four will start with a visit to  The Church on Spilled Blood  which has 9 onion domes and is an impressive 81 meters at its tallest point.  From the Church on Spilled Blood we'll have a short visit an outdoor  souvenir market  then visit the Russian Museum, which houses fantastic pieces of Russian art.  You'll then have a walking excursion of St. Petersburg, visiting the Maltese castle of Paul the I.  This castle is known as Engineer's Castle or Michael's Castle.  From Michael's Castle you'll continue your walking tour and arrive at the  Kazan Cathedral , which during the time of the Soviet government was converted into the Museum of Atheism and Religious History.  It is once again a functioning Orthodox church.  From here you can choose to stay on Nevsky Prospect in the downtown of St. Petersburg where you can independently enjoy the scenes, or I can guide you back to your accommodations.

Day 5
The fifth day will start with a leisurely walk to  St. Isaac's Cathedral .  In the area of St. Isaac's Square are several historically important buildings such as the Astoria hotel and the home of Alexander Pushkin.  After visiting St. Isaac's we'll take the metro to Basil Island for a stroll along a pedestrian street.  Next, we'll visit  Erarta , which is the largest contemporary art museum in Russia and a Trip Advisor Site of Excellence.  After leaving Erarta you'll visit St. Nicholas Cathedral or the  Choral Synagogue .  There are many buildings on the grounds of the Synagogue, including a library and a school.  From either St. Nicholas Cathedral or the Choral Synagogue you can choose to walk back to your hotel or stay and enjoy the St. Petersburg downtown.

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